PROSPER is a professional company that oil-related wastes are treated.

「Challenge for oil sludge treatment」

The 21st century is the time that various problems involving global environment must be seriously reconsidered. It is said that the sludge (Oil sludge) generating from the oil industry exists particularly in large quantity as a single waste on this earth. On the other hand the amount is increasing without being treated and as a fact it is left untouched. In addition, from the difficult standpoint of sludge treatment, oil sludge overflowed creates air pollution, and as a fact illegal landfill or ocean disposal is actually conducted.





So far we have enjoyed only the benefits received, without solving the environmental problems in the industrial structure based on oil resources and left them on a back-burner. The solution of environmental problem, regardless of developed country or underdeveloped country, is a great agenda that human beings living in the 21st century are imposed.



「Development of OSS(Oil Sludge Separating System)」

 In order to solve such a situation, PROSPER Corporation developed a new oil sludge treatment device. As OSS makes use of only steam generated by kinetic energy, oil in the sludge is separated and recovered. Oil content that has been disposed in the past can be reused, so that, taking account of environment, this device is earth-friendly.

「Establishment of PROSPER Services Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.」

To implement oil sludge treatment business, PROSPER Corporation established PROSPER Services Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia and set up a treatment factory at ASB (Asian Supply Base) in Labuan Island, Malaysia, where National Petroleum Company, PETRONAS, has a base for oil-related equipment’s. By gaining the cooperation of Innatech Sdn.Bhd. who has received accreditation from Ministry of Environment, Malaysia, for collection of specific petroleum waste and its transportation, PROSPER Services Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. is permitted to treat oil wastes generated along with the production of crude oil and natural gas. Thus, the operation started from May, 2012.

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