Corporation Profile

Name: PROSPER Corporation
Address:  No.1-34-5, Aiden-Machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan 930-0845
Established:  Sep, 2017
Board of Directors:
Managing Director Nobuaki Kurihara
Director Hajime Yamauchi
Director Koichi Oshima
Director Shinichi Aramaki
Paid Capital:  1,180,000JPY
1. Development of refining system for crude oil and waste oil
2. Sales, manufacturing & development of processing device for general & industrial wastes
3. Business associated with collection, transportation, intermediate treatment (separation) and final treatment for general and industrial wastes
4. Sales of products associated with resources such as oil, gas (including condensed gas and liquefied gas), and import & export business
Bank: Mitsui sumitomo Bank, Toyama Branch
Hokkoku Bank, Toyama Branch
Overseas Branch:  PROSPER Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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